Creative Director

Christina Munro, the brains and vision behind Christina Munro Design, has been designing interiors for over 25 years and is recognised across Europe for her ability to get the best out of any room. She designs for clients from her offices in London, Berlin and Andorra.

Christina grew up in Germany amongst architects and interior designers sparking a life-long passion for creating stunning yet practical and comfortable homes. Christina’s interiors stand out due to her skill to combine modern with vintage, augment with art. Together with excellent colour co-ordination as well as light installation, Christina creates stunning, individual, timeless interiors. 


   Christina Munro  


Design Ideas

Living and working in two of the most influential and vibrant cities in the world allows Christina’s interior design aesthetics to be inspired by transatlantic and European styles, tastes and lifestyles. Her work is contemporary, unique and beautiful. Her focus has always been for people to feel a deep sense of warmth and serenity in their home, cocooned in comfort and surrounded by gorgeous pieces which Christina discovers for them, all of which helping to enhance those feelings of calm and relaxation.

Christina has a meticulous eye for detail, strong project and financial management skills to deliver her clients' projects within agreed budget and time frames. A trusted network of highly skilled professionals, architects and specialist trades people, enables Christina to meet every brief and to ensure each client’s ultimate design ideas are realistically achievable.